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Masterpiece Doors and Shutters also produce the highest quality windows.  More correctly described as "accent windows" since our windows are not typically used as ordinary clear insulated house windows but very decorative specialty windows for that area of your home where a unique decorative touch or privacy is needed.  Our "windows" really fall into two categories, complete insulted windows including jamb, casings, stop, glass and sash or simply a window grill that is made to fit over your existing window.  Complete windows are priced on a custom basis and window grills are priced on a per square foot basis. Call our sales team to discuss how we can use our unique process to make a perfect window or grill for you.

This is an example of a custom window grill, installed on the interior side of our customers existing window.  These grill can be installed to be easily removable for easy glass cleaning.

Our most popular window/grill product are our fabulous garden tub privacy window grills.  Made either as a complete window unit or as a decorative grill insert.

This is a complete bank of custom library windows made for a home in West Virginia. (shop photo)

Oval Accent windows are very popular


As you can see, there is no limit to size, shape or possible applications of our Masterpiece Window Grills.

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