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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What exactly is a Masterpiece "Composite" Door? click here


2.  What is the difference between Composite - Wood - Iron and Fiberglass Doors?  click here


3.  Do you sell to dealers?  No.  We respect the need for dealers to represent standard door products, but our products are custom made to order and necessitate a close relationship working directly with homeowner and their contractor or designer.


4.  Do you have a Showroom?  Yes.  We are located at 1010 Nine North Dr. - Alpharetta - Georgia - 30004 . Our showroom is open to the public from 9:00am to 5:00pm, Monday - Friday, and by appointment on Saturday, Eastern time.  If you plan to visit us from out of town please make an appointment, so we may help you with directions. Most importantly, we want to be available to you and give you our undivided attention.


5. Is there anywhere I can see your product in person? We have shipped thousands of our Masterpiece door products to every state in the United States, Canada, Alaska, Hawaii, and many of the Caribbean islands. Contact our sales department to see if there is a location close to you, and we can ask permission from one of our past customers for you to do a drive-by or pay them a visit to see our products. We also have many of our out of town customers make day visits to the  Atlanta area before making their final selections, and we would love to meet you and extend our Southern hospitality.


6.  How are your products delivered or shipped? Local customers will have their orders picked up by local installation contractors.  Out of state orders are crated in wood crates, banded to custom pallets and shipped through common carriers.  All orders are different so freight charges are always different.  After your order is palletized and weighed, we negotiate the best freight rate for you using Federal Express Freight or FreightQuote. Com.  Using FreightQuote.com, freight companies bid against each other to compete for your freight order.  Once this quote has been negotiated you will pay FreightQuote. Com directly.  We do not mark-up any freight charges.


7.  Do you charge state sales tax?  Only if you are a Georgia Customer.  All other customers do not pay state sales tax, which often offsets a good portion of the cost of the freight.


8. What is your lead time?  Our standard lead time is 4 to 6 weeks.  Some very large orders that include many entry and garage doors can take 2 weeks longer.  We also can sometimes offer quicker times for customer who have a special need.


9.  Can I design my own door or have a custom "one of a kind door"?  Absolutely.  There will be additional charges based on the project specifications. Contact our sales department for more information.


10.  Do you have a Warranty?  Yes.  We have the best warranty in the door business. To download our warranty click here.  When comparing other companies warranties to ours:  Keep in mind these unique factors.

            a. We do not have an "Overhang" requirement that almost ALL door manufactures have and most customers can not comply with.

            b.  We do not have an over sized width or height limit to stay in compliance.  Most companies will not warrant any door over 8' tall.

            c.  We offer a warranty against warpage, rusting, cracking, rot, splitting and any other wood-like failure.

             Why?  Because this material is NOT WOOD! and does not have the possibility of these conditions.


11.  What happens if my order is damaged by the freight company?

 As you can imagine from the extensive padding and crating we perform on every order, we have almost no freight damage.  Even so, there are 3 scenarios that exist in assessing freight damage:


a.  Obvious damage to the exterior of the crates and obvious damage to the contents.  You are NOT to accept any heavily  damaged crates. Refuse delivery of the damaged one, make a notation on the driver's delivery bill and call us immediately.  Our policy on this situation is to have that item shipped back immediately and employ our "drop everything and fix your problem" policy.  We know that receiving your products is very time sensitive and we will repair or replace and reship your products with top priority. Your work will not go back into our  normal production schedule.


b.  Obvious minor damage to the crate, but undetermined damage to the contents.  While the driver waits, you are to proceed immediately with the opening and inspection of your order.  It is more common than not, that there is no damage to the contents even though the crate is damaged (because of how well we pad and wrap our goods on the interior of the crates).  If you find no damage, then unload your order carefully and sign off on the driver's bill, noting that the contents appear to be fine, but the crates were damaged. Call us and inform of us of the situation and send us photos.


c.  The shipment seems perfectly fine, you unloaded it, signed for it, and 3 days later when your installer opened the crates, you discovered damage.  This is called concealed damage.  Don't Panic. Just call us, we will walk you through the process of returning the damaged items to us, or replacing the items.  We can expedite the repairs or replacement. (see a.)

Unlike other companies, we do not require you to make a freight claim, wait for your reimbursement from the freight company (which will never come anyhow) and require you to "re-order" your products. We consider this risk ours, not yours. Therefore we treat your order as if we delivered it personally.


There is only 1 important policy issue that you need to consider in this section.  Do not install any damaged items.  If items are installed, we can not make a freight claim on your behalf whatsoever. Also you will probably have discarded all crating materials, making it inconvenient  and expensive for you to return your goods to us. If you install your products, per our warranty, we consider them to be both undamaged and made according to specifications.


12.  What is a "Prehung Unit"?

 A prehung unit is a door frame that has been built precisely to the customer's specifications. Including: pre-installed ball bearing hinges, Exterior Molding, Interior Molding, door jamb legs and header assembled, threshold and weatherstripping installed, and cylinder lockset bore prep. A complete assembled ready to install door system.  We hand build and test fit every door unit we sell.  When shipping, we crate the assembled unit in a separate crate. Many other companies sell their doors as "slabs" (door only - no frame at all) or KD, which stands for Knock-Down which means that the door unit is unassembled and must be assembled by the contractor on site.  And some companies offer a "Jamb Kit" which is little more than a bundle of moldings that have not been prepared at all for your door.  The precision and quality of the door frame (pre-hung unit) is essential to a great installation and performance of your new door. Don't be fooled by anything but a complete assembled prehung unit made specifically for your door! Plus, if you order a Frame and Trim Finish on your Jamb, we finish it after the Jamb assembly, which makes it look like a piece of fine furniture, instead of having cracks in the mitered corners and where the exterior trim has been attached.


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