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What is the difference between Masterpiece Solid Composite - Wood - Iron - Fiberglass Doors?

Our Masterpiece Solid Composite Doors


Our Masterpiece Doors and many of their related parts like casing, stops, and decorative elements are all made by us in our US door factory from a revolutionary solid composite material.  This raw material is a combination of cellulose fibers, urethane adhesives, acrylics and recycled plastic by products.  This material was invented over sixteen years ago and field tested by the manufacturer for nine years before we adapted for the use of door making.  We are able to mill this solid material just as you would wood but the resulting products do not have ant seams (for moisture to penetrate) and have a much lower expansion/contraction ratio, making them more suitable to different climates or changes in the climate.  Most wood door manufacturers will have a statement somewhere in their warranty excluding claims relating to weather exposure or regional climate differences because wood is so susceptible to changing according to those conditions.  A door made in the Midwest with a prevailing humidity of 60% will crack, shrink and warp once installed on a home in Arizona with a prevailing humidity of 8%.  What if the door was made in Indonesia as most imported (mahogany) doors are?  What is an "engineered" rail and stile door?  Why would anyone make such a door?  These are all manufacturing techniques to make a cheap door (veneered not solid) in a way that will provide a more stable (less warp-age) door but, that in the end has hundreds of hidden seams any of which could fail and ruin your door for it's intended use.  With expansion and contraction the seams in a wooden door will eventually allow moisture to absorb in these unsealed joints, allowing the finish that is applied to fail, which then allows even more moisture to penetrate the door.  Unless you are intent on resealing and refinishing your wooden door twice per year, you will have problems.  First with the woods appearance and eventually with its function.  Our material is solid, heavy, dense and hard.  Our doors, no matter what the design, have NO SEAMS!  Therefore, our doors can be warranted to NEVER, warp, rot, crack, split, rust or act in anyway wood might in the same environment, even with extreme exposure! There is no other explanation for the fact that we have been making our doors in this manner for seven years without a single claim or return!  Yes, we have invented a better mouse trap. Our Masterpiece Doors are the best doors on the market.  Sure other companies claim that, but we can prove it.  Please look through our website.  You will see hundreds of doors that you have never seen before and find no other company to compare to us.  Please call us and give us a chance to help you pick the perfect combinations of size, styling and finish for your current home or your new home.  You won't speak to anyone that knows or cares more about your door needs than us!

 Authentic Iron Doors

We love the Old World look of iron doors, this style door is very popular with our company also, as you can see the many Iron Grill style doors we make........But, authentic Wrought Iron Doors that many other companies sell, have many drawbacks that you deserve to know.


1. Crude Sponge Painting Finish

When you see an “Iron Door,” you are not looking at Iron!  You are looking at paint!  All the iron/steel doors are painted!  Many of these finishes are cheap and unattractive and quite crude as they are being painted in a third world country that does not have the aesthetic or quality standards we have in the US. We are contacted every week with another Chinese Iron Door Manufacturer trying to get us to adopt their product line. How will you touch up, repair, or refurbish the faux finish on their door?  All Masterpiece Doors come with a Touch Up Kit and easy instructions for making repairs, or easily refurbishing our finish if necessary.  Since all of our products are made to order here in the United States we always have the staff to help you.  Our finishes are unique and more durable than painted on finishes and don't have any possibility of rusting or denting.


2. RUST !!!!

The biggest problem with iron is the fact that ALL exterior iron will rust eventually. Iron Doors have HOLLOW rails and stiles (the sides and top and bottom of the door) that are filled with urethane foam. Here’s the problem. After your iron door is installed and the air conditioning is turned on, atmospheric moisture (condensation) will find it’s way into the hollow internal core. In the manufacturing process, it is impossible to solder and seal the complete skin of the steel. Similar to a failed insulated glass unit, over time, this moisture builds up and starts rusting the inside core of the door!  Keep in mind the internal core of the door is unpainted unfinished steel. There is no way for you to see this happening or fix it. Eventually, maybe in 2 or 3 years, the rust will “come through.” Much like the appearance of rust damage on an older car, the rust starts to look like blisters near the bottom of the door. We have actually had customers send us photographs of their iron doors and asked us to explain what’s going on with them.


















Our Masterpiece Doors and Grills are not made of Iron, yet they look exactly like it. Our Masterpiece Composite Doors, Iron Style Grills, Decorative Hinges and Clavos are all made from the same solid composite material that the door itself is made of. They cannot and will not rust and come with a Lifetime No Rust Warranty.


3. EXTREME WEIGHT: (1600 lbs) for a Double Door

Extreme weight has 2 important potential negative effects:


a. Freight Cost- All freight is rated on the basis of both weight and distance. We have concluded that iron door freight alone would add hundreds, of dollars to your order. If you do buy an iron door from an iron door company, make sure you have an “iron” clad freight quote before you order. Many dealers are acting like it’s just a routine freight bill like any other door and it’s not. And what about just getting these doors off the freight truck? Even broken down into parts, each iron component weighs hundreds of pounds. A popular iron door company recommends that you have a forklift truck on site when your doors arrive to "off load them because of extreme weight".........What?


b. Damage to your home. Yes, these doors are too heavy for normal residential construction. A typical wood frame home was not designed for such heavy doors. Your home can become damaged by a few accidental “slams” of these type doors. The vibration can loosen bricks, stone, and even the wood stud frame of the house itself. I know this sounds like we’re making this up, but we have heard it from customers, seen it in person ourselves, and had it acknowledged by an iron company sales rep that was soliciting our business.


c. Cost and quality of the installation:

The door fames on Iron Units have “tabs” that must be fastened to the stud frame of your home’s basic structure. Sounds simple enough, but from an installer’s point of view, it can be quite complicated and expensive to reveal enough “frame” to secure these “tabs” without interfering with your existing exterior molding, stone, brick, etc. Matching accessory pre-finished moldings and trims are NOT INCLUDED with iron doors as they are in our Masterpiece Composite Door Units, so trimming out, and re-casing your door unit can be a difficult process, especially if the shape of the unit top is curved. If there are any fit issues or the opening in your home is out of square, there is nothing a carpenter can do to make an alternation to an iron unit. Iron is Iron- you can’t shave it, plane it, cut it, drill it, screw it, etc. In interviewing potential installers of these doors, we could not find anyone trained, equipped, and knowledgeable about the iron door installation process and it’s potential pitfalls. Our Masterpiece Composite Doors are easy to install and routine for any experienced carpenter or tradesman. The last thing we want to do is take your order and then shrug our shoulders if you have any problems. That’s just not how we operate. We know the door business and would not sell you anything we could not recommend. We just couldn’t serve you properly with iron doors.


d. Lockset Issues:

The iron door rep that called on us to sell his line of doors also pointed out that his door, and all other brands of iron doors on the market, feature only “door latch” type hardware- in other words, a pull similar to a cabinet, because there is no brand of locksets “strong enough” to hold the doors closed. So the only option for the customer, is to have hardware made of a pull handle and a deadbolt installed over it. This means that the door will stay ajar unless it is dead-bolted. It also means that you can’t close the door from the exterior side without having the key in your hand because the dead bolt throw is on the interior side. We don’t believe our customers will be happy with this type of inconvenience. These are little things that you don't know about until the doors are installed and then it's too late. Masterpiece Doors use traditional locksets and are completely prepped for them to be easily installed. Virtually any brand of lockset can be installed on our doors and we do sell Emtek Brand Locksets if you want to include locksets in your order.


e. Glass Leakage Issues:

Many iron door units actually don’t come with their glass lights and you have to source those yourself. Some do come with glass lights that open up. We have had some customers inquire if our doors can have operable glass lights as this seems like kind of a romantic notion for a soft summer breeze to blow through the door. What actually ends up happening, since there are no screens included in iron door glazing, is that insects come flying through the door. It also creates a security breach because an intruder could then reach their hand through the open glass light to throw the dead bolt on the door and easily open it. And the biggest issue is that the operable glass light, which you end up never opening to keep the bugs out, has now created a way for the door to leak, especially in a blowing rain. Masterpiece Composite doors have stationary glass lights and have no possible way of leaking.


d. The Beauty and the Beast Mansion Factor:

Iron doors often just look over the top and inappropriate for the average home. Even on larger homes, they have a “Beauty and the Beast” look, slightly industrial appearance, or harsh prison like feeling. We think Masterpiece Doors have a softer look and are more appropriate for blending in with different architectural styles.



Wood Doors


Wood Doors can be absolutely beautiful but they do require maintenance. We know, we where in the custom wood door business for 35 years.  Our whole purpose in developing our Masterpiece Doors is to offer a better product that exceeds our customers expectation.  Not just for the day you receive your door, but for many years to come with a low or no maintenance door.  Wood doors may have to be top coated as often as once every 6 months if the exposure is bad and if left unmaintained, may have to be completely refinished which is very expensive and inconvenient.  Wood doors can not be made with the options we offer. If you did purchase a wood door with an iron grill you would actually be getting the worst of both worlds. Potential rust of the iron grill and warping, cracking, splitting and maintenance of a wood door. We include so many design elements in size, shape, panel size and detail that realistically, no wood door manufacture can actually make our products out of wood even if they wanted to. Please review or website with the extensive options we offer and you will agree.  Lastly,  wood door manufactures have very weak, diluted conditional warranties. Make sure you understand and have read the warranty that comes on a wood door and call us to let us share how they exclude virtually any problem you would have.


Fiberglass Doors


Great Idea........lousy product.  Basically, a fiberglass door is just a cast fiberglass skin laminated to a light weight core.  Ironically, the core is usually just cheap finger jointed pine wood!  If rain ever gets around any edge of a fiberglass door it will start to warp, delaminate and rot immediately. Fiberglass doors are very cheap doors. You wouldn't think so by the way some brands like Pella and Anderson price them, but actually they are very thin skinned, laminated core doors with embossed fake wood grain that should only be painted. Their decorative details are cheap imitations of the real thing and the so called "stained," "wood grained," or "pre-finished" doors are the worst of all.  They look like plastic to begin with and over time, are impossible to refinish.  Lastly, fiberglass doors are mass produced, commonly available and just copycats of each other. Very boring non-innovative designs, causing everyones home to look the same. Our customers typically want a more distinguished look and more flexibility in size, shape, design and detail.


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