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What is a "Composite" Door?

The Story of our Masterpiece Composite Weatherproof Doors


Masterpiece Doors was founded in 1971. We designed and made custom mahogany doors with leaded-beveled glass lites for many years.  We were one of the first companies in the U.S. to hand bevel glass and popularize the leaded glass designs still used today.  In 2003, growing frustrated with the "High Maintenance" characteristics of wood, we developed a new and innovative technique to provide our customers with a superior product, a shorter lead time, more style and design, lower or no maintenance, and a lower cost! The Masterpiece Composite Weatherproof Door!


For Masterpiece Doors, wood doors are history.


We now exclusively make our doors out of a fabulous Exterior Weatherproof Solid Composite product similar to other new exterior composite products like TREX Decking or Azek cellular vinyl boards. These new exterior products combine the workability of wood, but are impervious to moisture, decay, rust, insect infestation, or expansion and contraction. Today's consumers are wanting better performing, more reliable products with less maintenance. "Our goal for 42 years has been to exceed our customers expectations." With our advanced manufacturing techniques, wonderful new space age composite material, and our artistic designs, we are able to meet our goal of satisfying our customers!  Our knowledge and experience in the door business is unmatched by any other company. Our dedication to customer service, quality design, innovative products, timely delivery, and a fair price makes us the absolute best choice for your decorative door needs. We have never had a claim against rotting or rusting or even one single return! We have our doors installed from Calgary, Canada, to Phoenix, Arizona with equal performance!  Our Masterpiece composite doors are perfect for any kind of harsh environment where doors are subject to salt air, direct sun, direct weather, snow and snow salt treatments, etc. We have been very successful in creating several beautiful unique exterior finishes including our solid bronze finishes and very unique, old world, wood grained, distressed rustic finishes. Our customers were so satisfied with our entry doors, they began asking for matching garage doors, so in 2007 we introduced a beautiful line of carriage style garage doors using all the knowledge and experience we mastered developing our entry doors.  Now any of our customers are able to purchase a matching set of both garage doors and entry doors featuring our innovative unique designs with lasting and durable materials.  Although Masterpiece entry doors have a wonderful quality of being solid and heavy (about the weight of a solid oak door), our garage doors feature a lighter weight construction technique that reduces their weight and provides an R10 energy efficiency rating!  We really have revolutionized the decorative door business.


Our specialty is making custom doors

Even though this usually means a "one of kind" size for our customers, we charge the same price as if it were a standard mass-produced order. When you are replacing an old door, you will need a new door unit to fit exactly where the old one was, and we can do that. If you are purchasing our total prehung unit, you can even change your door style from a single door and sidelights to double doors or any configuration. A quick look through our website will reveal the great flexibility we have and the concern we have to detail and satisfying your every need. Our custom sizing eliminates all the costly carpentry charges that would have been needed to change your opening or your walls. Our design choices are unlimited and made to fit your home. Look at our photographs throughout our site, and see what a difference a Masterpiece Door can make. We have had nothing but positive response to our Masterpiece Doors. Our Masterpiece Doors are absolutely the best exterior doors on the market.

 We’re not making just doors, we are making conversation pieces!



Here comes another beautiful Masterpiece Entry Unit



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